Brother Toner Cartridges : The Correct Method to Change Brother Toner Cartridges

If you’ve been experiencing a frustrating notice on your own printer saying “Print Error: low toner”, it’s likely that you must get out there and get some more Brother toner. But unfortunately, your work doesn’t end at ordering the new Brother Toner Cartridges — you you really need to change them out. This is often an intimidating process for most people, so here are step-by-step instructions to help you along with this daunting challenge.

1) Before you went out and buy Brother Toner cartridges, you must make sure you know what model printer you have to insure product compatibility. Note down the model no . so that you can reference it when you’re in the store or online shopping.

2) After you have the correct Brother Toner to your printer model, power your printer OFF and open the cartridge box.

3) Next, you need to open the top cover of the printer. You should do that carefully in order to avoid problems for the interior or outside of the printer.

4) If the printer top cover is taken away, you want to extract the empty Brother Toner cartridge from the printer by pulling upward and away from the machine. You are able to do that without a great amount of force.

5) After you’ve taken the Brother Toner cartridge on the printer, you would like to prepare the new cartridge for insertion. To do this, you need to remove it from your plastic bag it is contained in. Next, you might want to remove the rip strip from the cartridge. The rip strip is mounted on a plastic film strip. Removing the rip strip is important because if you don’t your printer will only produce blank sheets. Take care when ripping the strip off, because you can get Brother Toner on your own clothes that may stain. If you end up spilling toner on yourself you’ll be able to wash it off with cold water.

6) Next, you want to place the fresh new cartridge in the printer the same way the old Brother Toner cartridge arrived. There will most likely be arrows at the package to show you inside the placement that can assist you ensure that you’re putting it in correctly. Exactly like removing the used Brother Toner cartridges, it should slide in with minimal force. If isn’t going to slide in easily you must be sure the Brother Toner cartridge is the correct cartridge for your model printer and then be sure that it’s aligned correctly.

7) After you have the cartridge inside the printer properly, place the printer lid back on.
Now you are going to print several test pages to make certain that everything is working the way it should. When the print outs look nice: You are done. Package the existing toner cartridge in the box the new toner arrived and recycle it. If your print outs look bad: Sometimes cartridges could be defective. If there have been problems with your test pages, you may need to attempt the process again with another toner cartridge.